Sprachzentrum Wykydal | Service: Professional translation of your texts, German - English - Spanish, Proofreading / Editing services, Private tutoring


Professional translation of your texts

  • German - English - Spanish

  • Each translation is an individually and professionally elaborated piece of work

  • Terminology and wording meet highest translation requirements

  • Fair pricing

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Proofreading / Editing services

  • Step 1: Proofreading of your texts concerning:

    • Grammar

    • Orthography

    • Punctuation

    • Hyphenation


  • Step 2: Editing and supplementary revision of your texts concerning:

    • Writing style

    • Phrasing

    • Repetitions

    • Readability

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Private tutoring

  • Qualified individual teaching lessons during the school year

  • Precise training on schedule for re-exams and/or regular exams and tests

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Speech-to-text reporting

A communication service for people with hearing impairment.

  • Individual setting
    live-written records taken during all your private and business appointments (doctor, school, university)

  • Event setting
    live-written records taken during events and conferences, in companies, advanced training institutes, and in the healthcare sector

  • Taking minutes and creation of reports

Speech-to-text reporting guarantees accessibility in your company!

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